With the back to school season coming in as the second biggest spending season of the year (after Christmas), how can brand leaders pivot their messaging, products and offering to ensure what they provide is in line with students’ new needs?

With speakers ranging from retailers, to tech brand leaders, to educational organizations and teachers and many more, they deep dive into their back to school strategies during these uncertain times.

Speaker lineup:
Encantos, CEO/ Co-founder, Steven Wolfe Pereira
Harvard Business School, CMO and Chief Communications Officer, Brian Kenny
Mattel Inc., SVP Global Head of Barbie and Dolls, Lisa McKnight
Samsung Electronics America, VP of Integrated Marketing, Grace Dolan
The Creativity Leap, Author, Natalie Nixon
The Phluid Project, CEO and Founder, Rob Smith
Tabitha Brown, Actress & Vegan Foodie
Tom DeSanto, Writer/Producer, X-Men, Transformers, Facts2health


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